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Artilux, renowned for being the world leader of GeSi (germanium-silicon) photonic technology, has been at the forefront of wide-spectrum 3D sensing and consumer optical connectivity since 2014. Building on fundamental technology breakthroughs, we have been delivering multidisciplinary innovations across integrated optics, system architecture and computing algorithm, enabling the progression of smartphone, autonomous driving, augmented reality and beyond. For more details, visit the Overview page.

Our global presence includes 5 offices across Asia Pacific, US and Europe. Our corporate headquarter is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. To contact an Artilux office, visit the Where to Connect page.

Our business hours are generally from 09:00 to 18:00 (UTC +8:00) Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and weekends.

That depends on the complexity and number of your questions. We can say, however, that we will work closely with you to answer your questions as quickly as possible..

You can raise your question and leave messages on the Get in Touch page, where you can request that Artilux contacts you via email or telephone.

Artilux Support is available in English and Mandarin Chinese.

You may contact Artilux via the Get in Touch page and let us know your specific inquiries.

We will suggest you to raise a ticket on the Get in Touch page and explain your issues, so that we can help figure out your technical problems and provide you with the assistance.

You may contact Artilux via the Get in Touch page and we will remove your email address from our mail list.

Artilux presents the world the 1st GeSi technology which solves existing physics and engineering bottlenecks by significantly increasing QE across a wide spectrum from 940nm all the way to 1550nm and beyond. We have been recognized as the worldwide leader of wide spectrum (NIR+SWIR) sensing, and have developed unique applications such as dual mode (2D/3D) SWIR sensing that are ready for commercialization at scale. For more details, please visit Technology page.

Artilux is the first company that has developed GeSi-based technology on CMOS production through close collaboration with TSMC, focusing on solutions for wide-spectrum sensing and imaging as well as optical communication. Currently we have 4 product lines including Aware Series, Connect Series, Explore Series and Foresee Series which enable a wide range of diversified applications. For more details, please visit our Solutions page.

Our Aware Series is a unique wide-spectrum sensing product line based on GeSi technology to address the dilemma among cost, required features, and performance. For more details, please visit Aware Series page.

Our Connect Series provides complete IC solutions featuring high performance with competitive cost for high-speed media (e.g., optical HDMI transmission) and data center applications. For more details, please visit Connect Series page.

Our Explore Series is the world’s first wide spectrum 3D GeSi imager designed to offer high depth accuracy, customizable resolutions, compact design, and low power consumption, weaving ToF sensing into a wide range of consumer, automotive and industrial applications. For more details, please visit Explore Series page.

Our Foresee Series is the game-changer product to enable automotive partners to make a giant leap into the future of safe, smart, and affordable LiDAR system. For more details, please visit Foresee Series page.

Yes, we are happy to work with you on product customization to the market. We suggest you to contact us through the the Get in Touch page and let us know more details.

You can find out where Artilux is located worldwide on the Where to Connect page. Artilux headquarter is in Hsinchu, Taiwan. For your sales inquiry, please submit your request on the Get in Touch page.

We are pleased that you are interested in becoming our distributor. Please reach us through our Get in Touch page to provide your information, and we will provide you with the appropriate support.

You can address the request via our Get in Touch page, and we will provide you with the contact information of our authorized distributor/ partner in your region to help accelerate your business.

It depends on the product lines and business models. We will suggest you reaching us through our Get in Touch page, and our sales team will assist with your inquiry.

It depends on the product lines and business models. We will suggest you reaching us through our Get in Touch page, and our sales team will assist with your inquiry.

We currently don’t have regular internship program. However, we are open to set it up when there are suitable projects and qualified candidates, as part of our efforts to recruit global talents. You can go to the Get in Touch page to submit your CV and contact information, and our recruiting team will contact you for more details.

It depends on current job openings and your performance during the internship program. We encourage you to show your capability and credibility during the internship to maximize the opportunity to join Artilux.

You can check the job openings on the Join the Team page or Artilux's page on recruitment platforms such as 104, to send us your CV. We will contact you if your qualification matches the job requirements.

We appreciate each candidate’s time and interests in Artilux. To keep our recruitment efforts effective and efficiently, our typical process is as follows:

In the first interview, interviewers will focus on candidates’ experience, skills, work history, career plan and motives, personality and other topics that are relevant to the position. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the role and the Company from the hiring manager/interviewers.

We will invite selected candidates to meet our managers and the broader team, who you will be working with if joining the Company. During the second interview, candidates are usually required to deliver a 10-15 minute presentation to introduce himself/herself, followed by Q&A and breakout sessions with each interviewer.  

Depending on the nature of the position, the whole process is normally concluded within two to three rounds of interviews and candidates will be notified of final results within two weeks after the last interview.

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