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2021/06/30 Hsinchu, Taiwan

Unfolding New Dimensions of CMOS SWIR Imaging

Announcing world’s first dual-mode (2D/3D) compact SWIR imaging system based on CMOS single chip imager

Artilux, the pioneer of wide spectrum 3D sensing technology based on GeSi photonics, announced today the world’s first single-chip CMOS-based GeSi imager for a compact dual-mode (2D/3D) SWIR (Shortwave Infrared) sensing & imaging system. The high-resolution GeSi imager is fabricated at TSMC 12-inch CMOS production line, and is ready for commercialization at scale, enabling an ever-growing ecosystem to mark the beginning of SWIR sensing and imaging for consumer markets.

To date, SWIR sensing and imaging in the industry is mostly available at 2D (no depth information) with a low resolution. It is because GaAs or InP substrate-based III-V compound semiconductor technology cannot be integrated with CMOS-based single chip, which results in high cost for high-resolution image sensor. Having accomplished multiple technology advancements ranging from ultra-sensitive and high-bandwidth photonic device, energy efficient and scalable SWIR SoC architecture, compact module with SWIR transmitter and integrated optics, and software for wide spectrum imaging pipeline and intelligent computing algorithms, Artilux has successfully launched this commercialization-ready technology on CMOS production line through close collaboration with TSMC.

Artilux’s GeSi imager meets the expectation from stakeholders in the ecosystem for achieving compact form-factor, low power consumption, safety (lead-free), cost-competitiveness and mass production-ready. These benefits will enable a wide range of scenario uses, including consumer market, AR (Augmented Reality), food-quality determination in agriculture, medical & semiconductor process detection, environmental system monitoring, industrial quality control, driver monitoring system, and many more. The application of Artilux’s technology in LiDAR in the automotive industry is especially eye-catching in the market. Through collaborations with industry-leading customer such as Continental, Artilux will play a key role in delivering affordable ADAS and self-driving systems that operate at SWIR spectrum to provide safe sensing, imaging, and ranging applications from neighborhoods to highways.

【GIF】Visible vs Artilux SWIR 3D.gif Visible v.s. Artilux SWIR 3D imaging

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About Artilux
Artilux, renowned for being the world leader of GeSi photonic technology, has been at the forefront of wide-spectrum 3D sensing and consumer optical connectivity since 2014. Established on fundamental technology breakthroughs, Artilux has been making multidisciplinary innovations covering integrated optics, system architecture to computing algorithm, and emerged as an innovation enabler for smartphone, autonomous driving, augmented reality and beyond. Our vision is to keep pioneering the frontier of photonic technologies and transform them into enrichment for real life experience. We enlighten the path from information to intelligence. Find out more at www.artiluxtech.com.

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